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Welcome to Washtenaw Wash

Welcome to Washtenaw Wash! We're conveniently located in Pittsfield Township near Ypsilanti and Ann Arbor and we're convinced you won't find a better laundry service anywhere.

Why bring your laundry to Washtenaw Wash Laundromat? Lots of great reasons!

  • Open 24 hours so you don't have to worry about the last load
  • 44 high efficiency washing machines
  • 42 dryers including four extra large dryers
  • Two free laundry bags per family per visit
  • Frequent Washer Club
  • Midnight Specials
  • Always attended so you get great service!

At Washtenaw Wash laundromat our laundry assistant is always available to answer your questions. And don't forget, unlike some Laundromats, we're full service. That means we offer the best drop off laundry service, too.